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What Is the Best Free Alternative to Moosend? is an all-in-one, top-rated free alternative to Moosend, designed to support the growth of your entire business.

For Free – Forever! offers a free plan that doesn’t have time limits or monthly subscriptions.

It’s free for as long as you want to use it.

Save Up to $839 Per Month

Managing 100,000 contacts with Moosend can cost you $936 per month.

In contrast, allows you to manage an unlimited number of contacts for just $97 per month, potentially saving you up to $839 per month.

Make Your Life Easier

Instead of managing various integrations across different tabs with Moosend, provides an all-in-one solution.

You have access to all the necessary tools and features in one place, simplifying your workflow and making it more convenient.

What Is the Difference Between and Moosend?

Sales funnelsYesLanding pages and forms
Deadline funnelsYesNo
Emails sentUnlimitedUnlimited
Email campaignsYesYes
Blog postsUnlimitedNo
Automation rulesYesYes
File storage spaceUnlimitedYes
1-Click upsellsYesNo
Order bumpsYesNo
Stripe integrationYesNo
Paypal integrationYesNo
A/B testsYesYes
Coupon codesYesNo
Run your own affiliate programYesNo
Custom domainsYesNo
Support 7 days a weekYesYes
Community membersUnlimitedNo

Why Should You Choose Over Moosend? Is Free to Use

Unlike Moosend, which charges $24/month to manage 2,000 contacts and doesn’t include all necessary tools for online business, allows you to manage 2,000 contacts for free while providing access to a comprehensive set of marketing features.

Automate Your Entire Business

Moosend’s automation is primarily focused on email marketing, while offers automation rules and workflows connected to all its features, enabling you to automate various aspects of your business.

Sell More with Funnels

Moosend allows you to create landing pages and forms but lacks a dedicated funnel builder.’s funnel builder lets you easily create complete sales funnels using proven templates with just a few clicks.

Monetize Your Expertise

Moosend doesn’t provide the capability to build courses.

To deliver your content to students, you’d need expensive and time-consuming integrations. simplifies this with a course builder that grants students immediate, automatic access to courses upon purchase, enhancing the user experience.

Moosend Alternative: Offers More Features!

It’s evident that you believe offers significant advantages over Moosend.

Here’s a concise summary of these advantages:

  • Sales Funnels: makes it easy to create sales funnels using proven templates. This means you can set up a structured pathway for your website visitors to follow, leading them to make purchases or take desired actions.
  • Email Marketing: With, you can send an unlimited number of emails and create email campaigns. This is crucial for reaching and engaging with your audience through email communication.
  • Website Builder: allows you to quickly set up your website in less than 10 minutes. It’s user-friendly and doesn’t require extensive technical skills.
  • Affiliate Program Management: You can create an affiliate program using and automate affiliate payouts. This helps you enlist partners to promote your products or services and rewards them for successful referrals.
  • Business Automation: lets you automate various aspects of your business, saving you time and effort. This could include automating tasks like email responses or order processing.
  • Evergreen Webinars: You can run evergreen webinars with These are pre-recorded webinars that you can continuously replay to grow your audience and generate sales without the need for live presentations.
  • Online Courses: allows you to build and manage your online courses. If you’re an educator or have valuable knowledge to share, this feature can help you offer courses to a wider audience.
  • Blogging: helps you create high-converting content and attract more traffic to your website. Blogging is a powerful way to share information and connect with your target audience.
  • Sell Products: Whether you want to become a drop-shipper or sell your own products, provides the tools to set up and manage your online store efficiently.

These features collectively make a comprehensive and versatile platform for various aspects of your online business, from marketing and sales to content creation and course management.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, if you’re looking to save money while gaining access to a comprehensive set of features for your online business, stands out as the superior choice over Moosend.

With, you not only get a robust email marketing platform but also an all-in-one solution that includes website hosting, sales funnels, membership sites, and more, all at a competitive price point.

Moosend, while a decent email marketing tool, falls short in providing the broader functionality that offers.

So, if you want to maximize your savings without compromising on essential features for your online endeavors, is undoubtedly the right choice for you.

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